Stylish Tactical Backpacks

Stylish Tactical Backpacks

Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack

The Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack is a rugged backpack that is made out of military-grade materials to attest to its durability. Materials include military-grade webbing on the straps and handles as well as genuine Duraflex hardware and buckles. This backpack is made out of 1000 denier nylon that has been given a triple coat of polyurethane to give it water resistance. It has also been finished with DuPont teflon fabric protector that offers it resistance to any other elements. Real, authentic YKK zippers are used on the Maxpedition Backpack to further its durable and reliable nature.


– Water-resistant composition. The Maxpedition Backpack is designed to go with you anywhere you go, whether that means rain or shine. It is made out of a material that has been triple coated with polyurethane, allowing for total water resistance that can withstand the driving rain. The last coat on this backpack is made from DuPoint teflon fabric protector which can help keep any other elements out of your bag to keep your belongings safe.

– Genuine YKK zippers. Unlike some other backpacks that only use YKK slides, the Maxpedition tactical Bag comes with genuine YKK zippers. Their durability is important, especially for those who are going to be using it while hiking, camping or hunting. These zippers keep everything securely in place inside of your bag for your peace of mind.

– Military-grade materials. This Maxpedition hiking Backpack comes with military grade nylon webbing that composes the handles and the straps alike to ensure not only durability but comfortable carrying as well. There are modular attachment points and Genuine Duraflex buckles and hardware that add even more durability and strength to the backpack. It is made out of 1000 denier nylon to keep it all together.

– Reinforced threading. With this Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack, you are getting meticulously reinforced seams to ensure that no weight is going to cause the backpack to break apart and cause issues. This way, you are able to bring along just about anything that you need.


– The Maxpedition outdoor Backpack is smaller in size than most other backpacks. It measures only 18 inches in height by 9.5 inches in width y 5.5 inches in depth in the main compartment; 12 inches in height by 7.5 inches in width by 2.75 inches in depth for the front pouch; and 12 inches in height by 7.5 inches in width for the slip pocket. The good news is that this should be able to pass the carry-on size guidelines for traveling on an aircraft.

Gift Ideas

-The Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack is ideal for anyone who often goes camping, hunting or hiking. It is durable and rugged, making it perfect for those who are often backpacking in difficult terrain. It is water resistant to further its durability.


Expandable Tactical backpack by ArmyCamoUSA

The ARMYCAMOUSA Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Tactical Backpack offers plenty of space for those who like to go camping, hiking, fishing or hunting to store away their gear. It has a large and accommodating size and features a center compartment that can be expanded according to your needs. Smaller pockets allow for greater organization so that you can keep everything you need easily accessible. A removable waist band keeps the weight of the durably composed of the ARMYCAMOUSA Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Tactical Backpack on your back without too much pain on your shoulders.


– Large capacity. The Tactical Backpack is a large and accommodating backpack with a main compartment that can be expanded to fit your gear. In its standard size, this backpack measures 14.5 inches by 21 inches by 8 inches, but it can expand up to five to 10 inches for extra items. The bag can hold between 40 and 48 liters at a time inside of its 3.6 pound, 2470 cubic inch design.

– Plenty of space for organization. It offers two pockets on the shoulders that are ideal for electronics such as music players and cell phones to always keep them close at hand. There is a top pocket built for holding your small accessories or headphones. Inside of the expandable main compartment, there is space for you to organize your smaller items and a daisy chain that holds onto any sort of rain gear.

– Durably made. The ARMYCAMOUSA Tactical Backpack is made out of top quality 600 denier material which can resist any sort of wear and tear damage. It also comes with heavy-duty oversized tabs, buckles and zippers that keep everything secure. This allows you to connect any hardware that you might need and keeps the items stored in your backpack safe. The Tactical Backpack also comes with a removable waist belt which helps distribute the weight of the bag easily across your body and removes stress from only being on your shoulders.

– Hydration compartment. The hydration compartment in the Outdoor Tactical Backpack can accept hydration gear such as a water bladder up to three liters in size. This eliminates the need for a water bottle that ultimately only serves to take up unnecessary space in your backpack and will keep you hydrated with greater efficiency.


– Flight. This Backpack may not fit the standard carry-on sizes on most flights.

Gift Ideas

– The ARMYCAMOUSA Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Tactical Backpack is ideal for anyone who likes to go hiking or camping and needs a bag that can stand up to the test.


Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack by Direct Action

The Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is a durable backpack that is water resistant and comfortable. Made out of durable 500D denier fabric, the Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is resistant to water, ensuring its use in heavy rain. It comes with a breathable back panel that keeps you cool, no matter how long you need to wear it. Slender yet accommodating, the bag can be expanded on its sides thanks to the inclusion of elastic. It offers organizational pockets and comfortable shoulder straps for your convenience.


– Able to expand. The Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is a large and accommodating backpack on its own, but it is designed to allow you to expand the sides of it to give you more room to work with. The expansion capability is due to the elastic that the bag has, ensuring that you will always be able to fit your most important possessions within its confines.

– Lightweight design. Made from durable yet light fabrics, it won’t weigh you down. This bag only weighs 3.76 pounds, making it ideal for long treks either hiking, camping, hunting or when using it for military operations. You can pack in as many items as you need to and only feel their weight opposed to the weight of the bag itself.

– Combat vent system. The backpack is designed for long periods of wear. It comes with a patented combat vent system that not only makes the bag more comfortable on your back but provides breathability and comfort no matter how long you wear it.

– Offers a low profile design. Due to its use of MOLLE which has been uniquely laser cut, this bag is slim yet spacious. It is snag free and will not deteriorate due to ample use.

– Water-resistant materials. It is a durable backpack that is made out of water-resistant materials that can keep your belongings safe. Never worry about heavy rain or splash damage ruining your important items inside. It is fashioned out of durable Codura 500D fabric.

– Ideal for military applications. Because of its durable nature, lightweight design and water-resistant protection, the Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is great for use by military personnel, campers, hikers and hunters alike.


– Zippers. The zipper tabs are not very durable. They will secure your belongings inside but there is a chance that the tabs could slip off after you have used them for a while.

Gift Ideas

-The Dragon Egg Tactical Bag is perfect as a gift for the army men and women in your life. It is also good for anyone who needs a reliable backpack while out in the woods.


Outdoor Military Backpack by G4Free

The G4Free Sport Outdoor Military Backpack Tactical Backpack is a rugged outdoor bag that can be used for numerous applications. It has a large and accommodating size that allows you to store larger items in its main pocket and secure them with a zipper. It also offers five different compartments for you to use to organize your smaller belongings. Made from 600D nylon fabric, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of this bag. It comes with adjustable and removable chest and hip belts.


– Large capacity. The Sport Military Backpack offers plenty of room for you to store away your important items. This bag gives you an impressive 40 liters of space to work with, letting you fill it to the brim with everything you could need on your trip. The bag measures 50 centimeters in height by 30 centimeters in width by 27 centimeters in length.

– Five different compartments. Store away your smaller possessions in a cleaner and more organized way with the help of the Backpack. It comes with two front pockets that offer easy access to the most pressing belongings like a wallet or a cell phone. There are three large interior pockets that come with small pouches inside for organization as well as a spacious main compartment. This compartment is secured closed with its durable zippers. Finally, there is both an interior zipper pocket for securing small items as well as a mesh pocket.

– Durable design. The G4FreeMilitary Backpack is made out of molle which helps you to expand your backpack to accommodate more items. It is made of 600D nylon fabric that is durable and heavy duty. You can enjoy the dispersion of weight thanks to its comfortable shoulder straps and its adjustable and removable hip and chest belt depending on what you need.

– Perfect for any occasion. The backpack is ideal for any sort of application where you need to carry many of your important belongings. This includes travel, camping, hunting, hiking, going to the gym or even heading off to school.


– Not a suitable carry-on bag. Because of its large size, the sport backpack may not fit onto the different airplanes you need to travel on due to their bag restrictions. While this bag is great for outdoor use, when it is fully packed, you might want to consider checking the bag instead of carrying it on.

Gift Ideas

– Because of its durable nature, the the backpack is ideal for taking with you on any sort of outdoor trip. This makes it a great gift for the lover of camping, hiking and hunting.


Tactical Backpack by Reebow

The REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack is able to accommodate up to 40 liters at a time. It is made with durable materials and is resistant to any sort of water damage. Molle webbing allows for simple attachment of tactical gear, and its breathable mesh back panel will keep you cool all day long. It is made from durable materials and has strong zippers, cord pulls and more.


– Spacious design. The bag is designed to allow you plenty of room for carrying around all of your most important gear. The bag can hold up to 40 liters inside of it and measures 33 inches in width by 50.5 inches in height by 28 inches in depth, able to accommodate just about anything that you throw at it. This bag is durable enough to support all of the weight as well.

– Durable material build. It is made of 1050D nylon that is resistant to water damage. This ensures that you can take it out into heavy rain or get it splashed without any sort of repercussions. Perfect for all weather situations, this bag makes an excellent outdoor or emergency situation bag. It is also constructed of molle webbing throughout the backpack. This makes it simple for you to attach any sort of important tactical gear that will keep you at the ready.

– Meticulously stitched together. This assault backpack comes with double stitching along all of its seams to ensure no amount of weight will ever make it fall through the bag. The Reebow Tactical Backpack also comes with heavy-duty zippers to keep everything in place, no matter what is inside. Utility style cord pulls make it simple to adjust, and a ventilated mesh padded back area and shoulder strap offer sheer breathability no matter how long you wear the backpack.

– Hydration compatible. Get rid of bulky water bottles and instead take advantage of the slim hydration compatible system. This Backpack can hold a hydration pack that is much more slim and simple to tote around than a water bottle would be, freeing up more space.

– Multiple applications. You can use the bag for military uses, hunting, survival, emergency situations, a go-bag, a weekend bag, a range bag, a bug out bag, a three day assault pack and so much more.


– Air travel. When it is fully loaded, the backpack might not be able to fit into the standard size for carry-on bags on commercial flights.


Mardingtop Tactical Bag

The Mardingtop Tactical Backpack is a great backpack for use during the day for school, in the evening for hiking or at night for camping. It is durable and strong, made out of 600D polyester. This bag can store up to 35 liters at a time and measures 12 inches by 10 inches by 20 inches. It has a cool, breathable back mesh panel that will keep you comfortable no matter how long you wear it. Two adjustable straps at the bottom allow you to carry with you a bedroll or tent with ease.


– Large and accommodating size. No matter what it is that you need to stick into your bag, the Mardingtop Tactical Backpack can accommodate it. There are 35 liters of space in the backpack. It measures 12 inches by 10 inches by 20 inches making it so that you can store whatever you need to store for your trips. This backpack is made out of water-resistant 600D polyester which can help stop any sort of ripping or tearing. This bag is ideal then for any sort of outdoor application.

– Convenient hydration system. Instead of bringing along a water bottle with you on your trips, the Tactical Backpack offers a hydration system that makes it easy to save space. This backpack allows room for a bladder that you can insert into it in order to stay hydrated. There is room for a water bladder up to 2.5 liters and there is a tube that is fed through the top of the bag, making it simple for you to grab.

– Breathable back. No matter how long you need to wear the bag for, you can do so comfortably. This bag features a comfortable back panel that can keep you cool.

– Room for attachments. The Mardingtop Tactical Backpack features two adjustable straps underneath it to help you attach different practical items to it. This includes a tent, bedroll or anything else.

– Removable waist belt. Evenly distribute the weight with the help of the removable waist belt on the backpack. It can help stop all of the weight from resting on your shoulders. When you don’t want to use it, remove the belt and tuck it into the pockets on the back panel of the bag.

– Multipurpose applications. Use the Mardingtop Tactical Backpack for just about anything. It is durable and rugged, ready for outdoor usage, but it also comes with the ability to safely store a 17-inch laptop, making it ideal for using for school and other daytime applications as well.


SOG Ninja Daypack

The SOG Ninja Daypack is an ideal backpack for anyone who needs plenty of space, whether that means as a day bag for school or as a backpack to accommodate them on their outdoor adventures. Perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking and hunting, this backpack is large and accommodating, able to handle most anything that is thrown at it. Rest assured that it is durable to hold the weight of your belongings thanks to the polyester construction of the bag. It comes with comfortable yoked shoulder straps and a sternum strap that lets you evenly distribute the weight across your torso, eliminating the strain on your shoulders.


– Large main compartment. The SOG Daypack offers plenty of room for you to store all of your most pressing items. This interior compartment measures 18 inches in height by 9.5 inches in width by 7 inches in depth. You can fit up to a 17-inch laptop in this bag because of its size. Take all of your necessary travel items along with you with the help of this tactical laptop bag.

– Multiple pockets for organization. If you have any smaller items that you want to store, you can do so with the organizational power of this bag. It features several compartments that make it easy for you to store all of your smaller items in a way that makes them easy to access when you need to grab them. You can store small items such as your cell phone, wallet and other important items in a safe and secure way.

– Comfortable shoulder straps. This tactical laptop backpack offers adjustable shoulder straps that feature a yoked design to help keep you comfortable. Evening out the weight on your shoulders is the inclusion of a sternum strap that allows you to distribute the weight to allow it to be more comfortable for long periods of wear. The padded mesh back offers both comfort and support.

– Polyester composition. The SOG Ninja Daypack is made out of durable polyester material that allows you peace of mind in regards to the backpack not ripping or growing weak with the weight. This provides you with a backpack that you can enjoy for years to come.

Gift Ideas

– The SOG Ninja Daypack is perfect for the adventurer and wanderer. Give this as a gift to someone who likes to camp, hunt, hike, backpack or who enjoys any other outdoor activity. Because of the space that it has to hold a 17-inch laptop, it is also ideal for anyone who needs a spacious and accommodating backpack for wear during the day.

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