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How to choose the best 4 person tent?

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Spring is up and it is time to get out and go exploring. Get your gear ready, pack your bags and of course fold your tents if you are packing for few days.

Tents are one of the make or break things in a trip. It can give you a great experience or just ruin the trip.

Boggled by the choices and brands and materials and list of things to consider before you make a perfect buying decision? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We just got you the perfect buying advice and also help you choose the best tent for your next trip.

What to consider?

  • Size of your company

Got your friends ready and excited for the trip? Great! Hopefully, you don’t have more than 4 of your friends and family as it might get quite packed. Many overlook this simple aspect and just try to wing it.

I’ve seen many trying to fit in 6 people into a 4 person tent. Been there, don’t that. Please don’t be that person. You won’t enjoy the stay and you don’t want to feel like a stuffed poultry farm ready rolling over each other.

It is even ideal if you bring less than 3 people so that you can get quite comfy and have room space for luggages, your pet and more leg room.

Tent is where you want rest after a hard day of trekking and stretch your legs and relax your soul. Bringing a big party will just make you regret that night’s sleep and make you even worse for the next day. Ideally you want to just bring you and your partner or a friend and your pet but never more than 3, max 4.

Don’t stretch beyond that.

  • Rainfly

Rainfly is again one of the overlooked features that I’ve seen people tend to ignore. Think of rainfly as a vent to exhaust all your mist or rain. You want it especially if you don’t want your tent to get overly cold during the nights as the Rainfly makes sure the water and mist gets drained as they hit the roof.

There are two types of it .

  • Full Coverage Rainfly
  • Roof Only RainFly

Full Coverage rainfly provides the maximum protection and the option you want to have if you want your tent to stay dry and warm throughout the night.

Choose Roof only if you are not too bothered about the water and you enjoy some nice sunshine too.

  • Tent Poles

Tent Poles make it easier for you to pitch the tent. You don’t have to rely on stakes to setup tents these days. Most of them are freestanding.

Some also provide you with clips and markers which makes it even easier to pitch tents and it is very easy to remove and the shake the dirt of and move it to another place.

Fewer tent poles give you the flexibility of setting up tents easily without much effort but has the downside of being shaky. More than 4-5 tent poles gives you a stronger grip but harder to move across different places.

So ideally choose one which fits your needs. If you are not going to be moving much get a tent with fewer more tent poles but if you value portability more choose a one with less tent poles.

Some popular options are Aluminum and FiberGlass. Aluminum is more durable and lightweight that Fiberglass.

  • Tent Materials

You have choose options here. Higher Denier fabric and Lower Denier Fabric. Higher denier fabric usually are more durable and deal you better from harsh conditions but they are also rough but weigh a lot. Go for them when you know the weather is going to be harsh.

Choose a lighter denier material if you know the weather is pleasant. It will also be easier to carry than its counterpart.

  • Tent Doors

Choose at least a tent with 2 doors as you might find yourself in a pick when someone wants to get up in the middle of the night and wants to get out and all you have is only one door.

Also make sure they have some quality Zippers and one pet peeve that I have is, how noisy it is to open a tent. It gets me, maybe it won’t bother you so much but still a thing to consider.

More than 2 is a overkill and usually a marketing gimmick! Just stay away from those.

That’s all folks.

Hopefully you have a better idea on what to look for in a 4 person tent when you are packing for your next trip.

Have fun, Stay safe and most importantly stay comfy and enjoy the wilderness.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.